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Contract Buyout



Program Guidelines


Smart Phones are eligible to receive a check or credit up to $350.00 per line (limit 5 lines) to the account for the amount of the early termination fee or equipment installment plan payoff from the previous carrier.


Early Termination Fee or Equipment Installment Plan Payoff (ETF or EIP payoff) must be identified by the customer by providing proof of the fee on an invoice from the previous carrier. A Buyout Promotion cannot be issued without this information.


The promotion can be applied either as a check mailed to the address on the account or as an account credit.


The following ARE NOT eligible for a Buyout Promotion:
Subsidized contracts (1 year or 2 year term)
Basic Phones
Advance Pay prepay lines
Simple Starter Plan


How to have a Buyout Promotion applied to an account:
    Complete the Buyout Promotion Form and include a copy of the previous carrier’s invoice showing the amount of the early termination fee or equipment installment plan payoff with the “Buyout Promotion Form”. 

IMPORTANT:  When filling out a Form, first save it to the Desktop or other folder on the machine.  Then, fill in the necessary fields, save the changes, and email to the correct department.  Forms will not save correctly if changes are first made within the browser and then saved.

    The completed form and copy of previous carrier's invoice showing the amount of the ETF or EIP payoff  can be sent via email, mail or fax to Nex-Tech Wireless.

  • email:
  • mail: Nex-Tech Wireless Attn: Finance Dept. 3001 New Way Hays, KS 67601
  • fax: 785-621-2599.

    Please allow up to 8 weeks for processing after submitting ETF or EIP invoice from previous carrier to Nex-Tech Wireless. The account must be in good standing and active with Nex-Tech Wireless. 


Buyout Checklist:  Use this to verify eligibility and to check that all necessary steps are taken for a Buyout.


For additional information, please CONTACT US or comment below @esupport.