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Nex-Tech Wireless InfoNet

Handset BuyBack


The Nex-Tech Wireless BuyBack program allows customers the option to sell back their unwanted or unused devices and receive an account credit.


In order for customers to be eligible to sell a handset using the BuyBack program, they must be purchasing a new device from Nex-Tech Wireless. (Example: new line of service, upgrade, phone purchase) 


What happens if there is personal data on my phone?
We have full in-house data-clearing to the strictest standards. We care about your personal information, and we make sure it`s all fully deleted.

What kind of environmental standards do you keep to?
Our specialty is reusing products, and we keep very little scrap. We strive to keep to the highest environmental standards.

What happens with the phone I`m trading in?
When a phone comes into our distribution center, we clean it up, clear all the data, repackage it, and sell it at an affordable price to eligible markets. If the device cannot be used, we work to salvage any working parts and recycle the remainder.

How do I get paid?
The value of the device will be applied as a credit to your Nex-Tech Wireless account  after device has been evaluated. Credit will appear 4-6 weeks after device is turned in.



For additional information, please CONTACT US or comment below @esupport.