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WOW Frequently Asked Questions



How much are WOW handsets?
Customers will pay full retail price for their handset at the point of sale. Handset promotions may be offered but are subject to change.


What is the WOW Age Limit?
Customers must be at least 14 years of age to activate a WOW service.


Can I purchase Months in Advance?
Yes, this is an option for unlimited plans.
This is not available for plans that have limited minutes (365 Voice Plan)


Can my plan be auto renewed?
Yes! If a credit card is provided to be charged monthly, the plan can be auto renewed and the service will be seamless. This may result in a monthly discount on services depending on plan selected.


How can I view my usage?
Sign up for Nex-Tech Wireless Online Bill at no cost to view current usage!


Can I set up a WOW account on consolidated billing?
No. Wow accounts are not eligible for consolidated billing.


Can I use my device while traveling?

Yes. WOW subscribers are allowed to roaming on Sprint, United, and US Cellular networks. These networks do not offer coverage in Canada or Mexico. Coverage is limited to the Sprint network where available in the Caribbean.


Can I set up Tethering on WOW accounts?
No. Wow accounts are not eligible for tethering


Can I renew my plan early?
Yes. If requesting to renew the currently assigned plan, the new month will start when the current plan expires. However, if changing from one plan option to another, the change will take effect immediately and cannot be set to start on a future date.


For additional information, please CONTACT US or comment below @esupport.