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Basic Devices
Basic Voicemail                $0.00
Enhanced  Voicemail       $2.99




Smart Devices

Enhanced Voicemail                  $0.00

Android Visual Voicemail           $0.00    (Only available for select Models)

iPhone Visual Voicemail            $0.00    (All iPhone Models supported)




Visual Voicemail


Requires one of Nex-Tech Wireless’ qualifying data plans. Please contact Nex-Tech Wireless Customer Care for more information and assistance 877-621-2600, or 611 from your NTW phone.


Nex-Tech Wireless Visual Voicemail saves you time by allowing you to manage your voicemail messages the same way that you manage your emails - directly from your Android smartphone.  With Visual Voicemail, you can access messages using the visual interfaces you have grown accustomed to on smart devices. Visual Voicemail allows you to:

    · Listen to your messages in any order that you choose
    · Immediately respond to your voicemail messages by SMS, email, or calling back
    · Play, call back, delete, or save your voicemail messages in any order


For additional information, please CONTACT US or comment below @esupport.