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SmartScouter Wildlife Management Camera


Retail Price of SmartScouter Camera $439.99 Device Details

As an object moves past the SmartScouter camera, it detects movement and snaps a photo. The photo is then sent wirelessly through the Nex-Tech Wireless cellular network to and can also be sent to any email address or wireless phone (through picture messaging). The customer retrieves photos and manages his/her camera from any computer or cell phone.

A 1yr contract is required with purchase of a camera. Cameras will be purchased at the full retail price. Specific data plans for the SmartScouter cameras are listed further below.


SmartScouter Plans


SmartScouter Plan Cost Per Month Estimate of Low Resolution Pictures per Month


5MB $24.99 250
10MB $34.99 500
50MB $74.99 2500
  • Hibernate - $9.99 monthly



For additional information, please CONTACT US or comment below @esupport.